Composite Interval Queries in AER

The latest Axibase Enterprise Reporter release provides a composite query capability that has been requested by our customers with IBM Tivoli Monitoring 6.x adapters for quite a while.

It enables AER to merge statistics from multiple tables when the requested interval is outside of retention period for the selected table.


For instance, if a user requests a 2 month chart from a detailed table which is pruned after 2 weeks, AER will load historical data for earlier periods from summarized tables: hourly, daily, and so forth.

These background queries are executed transparently for the end user and the choice of tables is based on history pruning settings defined in ITM.

The capability is relevant for warehouse/metrics databases that implement a tiered data retention schema where detailed data is deleted after a while to reduce the amount of disk space consumed. This includes IBM Tivoli Monitoring (TDW), Microsoft Systems Center Operations Manager SCOM DWH, VMWare vSphere vCenter, Oracle Enterprise Manager, and most other infrastructure monitoring tools.


Composite queries are supported in widgets and multi-server report formats:


COMPOSITE INTERVAL QUERY is enabled by default for all queries except template reports.


Customers are recommended to review intervals specified in template reports to make sure that query intervals are within the retention interval of the underlying table.

Once this is verified, set COMPOSITE INTERVAL QUERY FOR TEMPLATES to Yes in Admin: Settings.