Visualizing nmon Files in ad-hoc Mode

ATSD provides ad-hoc visualization of Linux and AIX nmon files.

This means that you can upload any nmon file or an archive of nmon files into ATSD and instantly view the data in a pre-configured portal.

Visualizing Data in nmon Files

Download nmon Portals

nmon Linux: nmon_Linux

nmon AIX: nmon_AIX.xml

Import the Portal

This is a one-time task.

  • Open the Portals > Configure page.
  • At the bottom of the page click Import and select either the downloaded nmon_AIX or nmon_Linux portal. If you are collecting data from AIX systems, choose nmon_AIX. If you are collecting data from Linux systems, choose nmon_Linux.
  • On the Portals page, keep a note of the unique portal ID that you just imported.

Upload the nmon File

  • Open the Data > nmon Parsers page.
  • At the bottom of the page, click Upload to import your nmon file or archive of nmon files using the default nmon parser.
  • Keep a note of the hostname for which you have just uploaded the data.

You can learn more about uploading nmon files into ATSD here.

View the Data

  • Open the below URL. Replace atsd_hostname with your ATSD URL, hostname with the hostname for which you have uploaded the nmon file, and portal_id with your portal ID: