csv Command


Inserts plain text data in CSV/TSV format into the database.

Lines are parsed and converted into commands as they are received, without buffering.

The client can keep a persistent connection. To prevent the server from timing out an idle connection, customize the read timeout with the o field.


csv p:${parser} e:${entity} r:${metric_prefix} z:${timezone} t:${timeout}
... Header Row ...
... Data Rows  ...


Name Type Description
p yes [Required] Parser name from Data > CSV Parsers page.
e string Default entity name.
ep string Entity prefix applied to all entity names in the file.
et string Entity tags.
Comma separated list of entity tags added as series, message, or property tags to parsed commands.
m string Default metric name.
mp string Metric prefix applied to all metric names in the file.
mt string Metric tags.
Comma separated list of metric tags added as series, message, or property tags to parsed commands.
z string Time zone applied when parsing dates specified in local time, for example GMT.
Time Zone ID
o integer Server read timeout in seconds, for example o:60
t string One or multiple series tag key=value pairs, for example: t:location=SVL

Tags specified in t: fields override Default Tags with the same name specified in the CSV parser configuration.

ABNF Syntax

Rules inherited from Base ABNF.

command = "csv" MSP parser [MSP entity] [MSP entity-prefix] [MSP entity-tags]
                           [MSP metric] [MSP metric-prefix] [MSP metric-tags]
                           [MSP timezone] [MSP timeout] *(MSP tag)
parser = "p:" NAME
entity = "e:" NAME
entity-prefix = "ep:" NAME
entity-tags = "et:" NAME *("," NAME)
metric = "m:" NAME
metric-prefix = "mp:" NAME
metric-tags = "mt:" NAME *("," NAME)
timezone = "z:" TIMEZONE
timeout = "o:" POSITIVE_INTEGER
tag = "t:" NAME "=" VALUE


csv p:was-csv-parser e:nurswgvml007 t:environment=prod