nmon Command


Accepts line-by-line streaming of an nmon file. The transmission can be resumed without a full header in case of disconnect.


nmon p:${parser} e:${entity} f:${file_name} z:${timezone} t:${timeout}
... nmon file header ...
... nmon snapshot ...


Field Type Description
p string [Required] nmon parser name from Data > nmon Parsers page.
Specify p:default to use the default parser.
e string [Required] Entity name.
f string [Required] Name of the nmon file.
z string Time zone ID applied to dates specified in snapshot samples, for example EST.
Refer to Time Zone table for a list of supported Time Zone IDs.
v string nmon script version for debugging purposes.
o integer Read timeout in seconds.
Set to 2x snapshot interval to prevent the server from terminating an idle connection.

The f nmon file name is used to re-read the file header from its copy on the server in case of disconnect.

ABNF Syntax

Rules inherited from Base ABNF.

; parser, entity, and filename are required
command = "nmon" MSP parser MSP entity MSP filename [MSP timezone] [MSP timeout]
entity = "e:" entity-name
  ; entity name, typically hostname where nmon is running
entity-name = NAME
  ; alphanumeric and underscore
parser = "p:" 1*(%x41-5A / %x61-7A / "_")
  ; file name must begin with entity name and end with .nmon
filename = "f:" entity-name [NAME] ".nmon"
timezone = "z:" TIMEZONE
timeout = "o:" POSITIVE_INTEGER


nmon p:default e:nurswgvml007 f:nurswgvml007_141014_2000.nmon z:PST
nmon e:server-001 p:default f:server-001.nmon
nmon e:server-001 p:default f:server-001.nmon z:UTC