property Command


Inserts a property record with specified type, keys, and tags for a given entity.

The primary key of the property record consists of the entity, property type, and property keys (k: fields). The tags (v: fields) are stored as additional attributes.

When inserted into the database, the property record overwrites specific tags of the stored record with the same primary key: entity+type[+key].


property e:${entity} t:${type} k:${key-1}=${value} k:${key-2}=${value} v:${tag-1}=${text} v:${tag-2}=${text} d:${time}
  • Entity name, property type, key names, and tag names are case-insensitive and are converted to lower case when stored.
  • Key values and tag values are case-sensitive and are stored as submitted.
# Input command
property e:nurSWG t:DISK-config k:FS_type=NFS v:Initiator=Pre-fetch

# Stored record after names are normalized
property e:nurswg t:disk-config k:fs_type=NFS v:initiator=Pre-fetch

Empty Values

  • At least one non-empty tag is required. For example, commands property e:e1 t:t1 k:k1=v1 and property e:e1 t:t1 v:t1="" are invalid.
  • Empty tags are not stored.
  • Empty tags delete stored tags, if present, with the same name.
# Stored record
property e:nurswg t:cpu v:status=Err v:start_time=12:05 v:message=NaN

# Property command
property e:nurswg t:cpu v:status=OK  v:message="" v:conn_time=12:10

# Modified record
property e:nurswg t:cpu v:status=OK  v:start_time=12:05 v:conn_time=12:10

Reserved Property Types

Type Description
$entity_tags Insert entity tags for the specified entity from the included key and tag fields.


Field Type Description
e string [Required] Entity name.
t string [Required] Property type.
k string Property key name and text value. Multiple.
v string [Required] Property tag name and text value. At least one required.
s integer Unix time in seconds.
ms integer Unix time in milliseconds.
d string Time in ISO format.
p boolean Persist message in the database.
Default: true.
If set to false, the property is processed only by the rule engine.


If time fields are omitted, the record is inserted with the current server time.

ABNF Syntax

Rules inherited from Base ABNF.

; entity, type and at least one tag is required
command = "property" MSP entity type *(MSP key) 1*(MSP tag) [MSP time] [MSP persist]
entity = "e:" NAME
type = "t:" NAME
key = "k:" NAME "=" VALUE
tag = "v:" NAME "=" VALUE
time = time-millisecond / time-second / time-iso
time-millisecond = "ms:" POSITIVE_INTEGER
time-second = "s:" POSITIVE_INTEGER
time-iso = "d:" ISO_DATE
persist = "p:" BOOLEAN


Refer to limits.


property e:server-001 t:disk-config k:mount_point=/ k:name=sda1 v:size_gb=192 v:fs_type=nfs
property e:server-001 t:operating_system v:type=Linux d:2018-03-04T12:43:20Z
property e:server-001 t:$entity_tags v:location=SVL d:2018-03-04T12:43:20Z

Delete the fs_type tag.

property e:server-001 t:disk-config k:mount_point=/ k:name=sda1 v:fs_type=""