property Command


Inserts a property record with specified type, keys, and tags for a given entity.

Entity, property type, and property keys (k: fields) form a composite primary key of the property record in the database, whereas tags (v: fields) are stored as additional attributes.

When a property record is inserted into the database, it overwrites an existing record with the same composite primary key: entity+type[+key].


property e:${entity} t:${type} k:${key-1}=${value} k:${key-2}=${value} v:${tag-1}=${text} v:${tag-2}=${text} d:${time}
  • Entity name, property type, key names, and tag names are case-insensitive and are converted to lower case when stored.
  • Key values and tag values are case-sensitive and are stored as submitted.
  • Tag names can duplicate key names, for example {tag-1} can be equal to {key-1}.
  • At least one tag is required, for example, command property e:e1 t:t1 k:k1=v1 is not valid.
  • Tags with empty values are ignored, for example t2 is ignored in command property e:e1 t:t1 v:t1=v1 v:t2="".
# input command
property e:nurSWG t:DISK-config k:FS_type=NFS v:Initiator=Pre-fetch
# stored record
property e:nurswg t:disk-config k:fs_type=NFS v:initiator=Pre-fetch

Reserved Property Types

Type Description
$entity_tags Insert entity tags for the specified entity from the included key and tag fields.


Field Type Description
e string [Required] Entity name.
t string [Required] Property type.
k string Property key name and text value. Multiple.
v string [Required] Property tag name and text value. At least one required.
s integer Unix time in seconds.
ms integer Unix time in milliseconds.
d string Time in ISO format.


If time fields are omitted, the record is inserted with the current server time.

ABNF Syntax

Rules inherited from Base ABNF.

; entity, type and at least one tag is required
command = "property" MSP entity type *(MSP key) 1*(MSP tag) [MSP time]
entity = "e:" NAME
type = "t:" NAME
key = "k:" NAME "=" VALUE
tag = "v:" NAME "=" VALUE
time = time-millisecond / time-second / time-iso
time-millisecond = "ms:" POSITIVE_INTEGER
time-second = "s:" POSITIVE_INTEGER
time-iso = "d:" ISO_DATE


Refer to limits.


property e:server-001 t:disk-config k:mount_point=/ k:name=sda1 v:size_gb=192 v:fs_type=nfs
property e:server-001 t:operating_system v:type=Linux d:2018-03-04T12:43:20Z
property e:server-001 t:$entity_tags v:location=SVL d:2018-03-04T12:43:20Z