entity Command


Creates or updates fields and tags of the specified entity.

If no entity matches the specified name, a new entity is created automatically.


entity e:${entity} b:${enabled} l:${label} i:${interpolate} z:${timezone} t:${tag-1}=${text} t:${tag-2}=${text}
  • Entity name and tag names are case-insensitive and are converted to lower case when stored.
  • Label and tag values are case-sensitive and are stored as submitted.
  • Other fields are case-insensitive.
  • Tag values must not be empty.
  • Existing entity tags and fields that are not specified in the command are left unchanged.
  • To remove the label or an entity tag or to reset the Time Zone ID or Interpolate fields, set the value to a double-quoted empty string.


Field Type Description
e string [Required] Entity name.
b boolean Enabled status. If the entity is disabled, new data received for this entity is discarded.
l string Label.
i string Interpolation mode: linear, previous. Default is none.
z string Time Zone ID, for example EST.
Refer to Time Zone table for a list of supported Time Zone IDs.
The time zone is applied by date-formatting functions to return local time in entity-specific time zone.
To reset the time zone to the default value, specify it as a double-quoted empty string z:"".
t string Entity tag name and text value. Multiple.

ABNF Syntax

Rules inherited from Base ABNF.

command = "entity" MSP entity [MSP enabled] [MSP label] [MSP interpolate] [MSP timezone] 1*(MSP tag)
entity = "e:" NAME
enabled = "b:" BOOLEAN
label  = "l:" VALUE
interpolate = "i:" ("linear" / "previous" / DQUOTE DQUOTE)
timezone = "z:" (TIMEZONE / DQUOTE DQUOTE)
tag = "t:" NAME "=" VALUE


entity e:nurswgvml007 z:PST i:previous t:location=SVL t:environment=production
entity e:nurswgvml007 b:false l:NURSWGVML007 t:location=SVL t:environment=""