Insert Quotes

The endpoint consumes a stream of Level 1 (Top of book) quotes in plain text format on port 8091 (TCP) or port 8092 (UDP). Each line can contain one or multiple field codes such as best bid, best bid size, total number of bids etc.

echo -e "IEXG,TSLA,1610622170591,5,9=199,10=845.15" | gzip | nc -q 0 atsd_hostname 8091

The content must be compressed with gzip.



Field Codes

Code Name Type Short Name Description
10 bid DECIMAL Bid Best bid price
9 biddepth LONG Best bid size Unmatched volume of all active buy orders at the current best bid price
7 offer DECIMAL Offer Best offer price
6 offerdepth LONG Best offer depth Unmatched volume of all active sell orders at the best price



The event time is 2021-01-14T11:02:50.591005Z

Code Name Value
9 biddepth 199
10 bid 845.15


Name Type Required Example Description
class string yes TQBR Market identifier code such as XNGS for NASDAQ, XNYS/ARCX for NYSE, IEXG for IEX, SETS/SEAQ/IOB for LSE, or TQBR/TQCB/CETS for MOEX.
symbol string yes TSLA Instrument symbol.
unix_time long yes 1610622170591 Transaction time in Unix milliseconds.
fractions integer yes 469 Microsecond/nanosecond part of the transaction time.
0 if sub-millisecond precision is not supported by exchange.
key integer yes 10 Field code.
value various yes 227.05 Field value.


  • Class and exchange fields can contain alphanumeric characters and one of the following characters: ., -, _, [, ], +, /. Whitespace characters are not allowed.

  • Symbol field can contain alphanumeric characters and one of the following characters: ., -, _, [, ], +, /, @, '+'. Whitespace characters are not allowed.

  • Class and symbol fields are case-insensitive.

  • New instruments are automatically registered with entity name <symbol>_[<class>], for example tsla_[iexg] for class IEXG and symbol TSLA.

  • If the number of digits in fractions field exceeds 3, it is treated as nanoseconds, microseconds otherwise. 0003 counts as 3 nanoseconds, while 3 as 3000 nanoseconds.

  • When sending multiple commands over the same connection, separate commands with a line break.


Statistics commands are logged in statistics.log file located in the ./atsd/logs directory.

# search today's archives and the current statistics.log sorted by time
ls -rt statistics.$(date '+%Y-%m-%d').* statistics.log | xargs zgrep -ih "IEXG,TSLA" | grep -E ",(9|10)="

The logging settings can be configured on Admin > Configuration > Configuration Files page.

Invalid commands are logged in command_malformed.log file.

<appender name="statistics.csv.appender" class="ch.qos.logback.core.rolling.RollingFileAppender">
  <rollingPolicy class="ch.qos.logback.core.rolling.SizeAndTimeBasedRollingPolicy">
  <encoder class="com.axibase.tsd.log.LogbackEncoder">

Validating Results

  • UI:
  • SQL using STAT function accessible in atsd_trade, atsd_entity, atsd_session_summary tables:
SELECT name,,
FROM atsd_entity
  WHERE tags.class_code = 'IEXG' AND tags.symbol = 'TSLA'