Manual Update

Log in to ATSD Server

su axibase
cd /opt/atsd

Download the Latest ATSD Distribution Files

Open ATSD Download Page.

The archive contains the latest ATSD release with the revision number included in the file name, for example atsd.19925.tar.gz.

Alternatively, download the archive using curl.

curl -O

Copy the archive to the ATSD server.

Unpack the Archive

tar xzf atsd.{revision}.tar.gz

View Files in the Archive

ll target
atsd.<revision number>.jar
atsd-hbase.<revision number>.jar


/opt/atsd/bin/ stop

Replace JAR Files

rm -rf /opt/atsd/hbase/lib/atsd*jar
mv atsd-hbase* /opt/atsd/hbase/lib/
rm -rf /opt/atsd/atsd/bin/atsd*jar
mv atsd* /opt/atsd/atsd/bin/

Start ATSD

/opt/atsd/bin/ start

It can take up to 5 minutes for the database to initialize.

Log in to ATSD web interface

  • Open the Settings > System Information page.
  • Verify that the Revision Number has been updated.

Remove the Archive

rm /opt/atsd/atsd.tar.gz