Installing Self-signed SSL Certificate


The default certificate installed in ATSD is generated for DNS name (commonName) atsd. This document describes the process of creating and installing a self-signed SSL certificate to match the actual DNS name (fully qualified hostname) at which the ATSD server is accessible.

As with all self-signed certificates, the new certificate continues to cause a security exception in user browsers and requires passing -k/--insecure parameter when connecting to the database using curl and similar tools to skip certificate validation.

Create and Import Certificate

There are two options to create and import self-signed certificates into ATSD:

The certificates are installed without an ATSD restart.

Web Interface

Log into ATSD as a user with administrative privileges.

Open the Settings > Certificates page and click Self Signed Certificate in the split-button:

Enter the certificate information and click Create And Import. Only the Domain Name field is required.

Country Code must contain two letters if specified.

Endpoint Request

Replace {USR} and {PWD} with administrator credentials, {atsd_hostname} with the hostname or IP address of the ATSD server and specify appropriate parameters in the command below.

curl -k -u {USR}:{PWD} https://{atsd_hostname}:8443/admin/certificates/self-signed \
  -d ""
  -w "\n%{http_code}\n"

The expected response status code is 2xx or 3xx.

You can specify additional fields if necessary. The countryCode field must contain two letters if specified.

curl -v -k -u {USR}:{PWD} https://{HOST}:8443/admin/certificates/self-signed \
  -d "" \
  -d "organizationalUnit=Software Group" \
  -d "organization=ExampleCo" \
  -d "cityOrLocality=Fresno" \
  -d "stateOrProvince=CA" \
  -d "countryCode=US" \
  -w "\n%{http_code}\n"

Verify Certificate

Log in to ATSD by entering DNS name in the browser address bar.

Review the new certificate on the Settings > Certificates page and check the Days to Expiration field, which is set to 364 days from now.

Untrusted certificates are highlighted in orange.