Data Reporter


The DataTableReporter is a MapReduce job that identifies the largest daily rows in the atsd_d table to estimate the RAM required for the migration Map-Reduce job. The number of records can be particularly high in series with many tag combinations under the same metric and entity (high-cardinality series).

The reporter scans the atsd_d table and estimates the physical memory required to process the data during the migration.

The reporter makes no changes to the data.

Running Reporter

Execute the below steps on the server running YARN Resource Manager on the target cluster.

Check Services

  • Log in to Cloudera Manager.

  • Open Hosts > All Hosts, expand the Roles.

    • Verify that ResourceManager, NodeManager, and HistoryServer services are running on the cluster.
  • Open Clusters > Cluster > YARN (MR2 Included) > Configuration.

    • Search for the yarn.log-aggregation-enable property and verify that the property is checked.

Prepare Map-Reduce Job

Login to the server where YARN ResourceManager is running.

Set the HADOOP_CLASSPATH setting to include Java libraries and HBase connection settings.

Locate the path to the HBase configuration directory:

hbase classpath | cut -f 1 -d ":"
# CDH 5.5 Package installation

# CDH 5.10 Parcels installation

Copy the HBase configuration directory and set HADOOP_CLASSPATH:

export HADOOP_CLASSPATH=/opt/cloudera/parcels/CDH-5.10.0-1.cdh5.10.0.p0.41/lib/hbase/bin/../conf:$(hbase mapredcp):/tmp/reporter/reporter.jar

Check that the HBase configuration directory and HBase classes are present in the output.


Create a temporary directory and download the DataTableReporter jar file.

mkdir /tmp/reporter
curl -o /tmp/reporter/reporter.jar \

Initiate Kerberos Session

Copy the /opt/atsd/atsd/conf/axibase.keytab file generated for the axibase principal from the ATSD server to the /tmp/reporter/ directory on the YARN ResourceManager server.

Initiate a Kerberos session.

kinit -k -t /tmp/reporter/axibase.keytab axibase

Run Map-Reduce Job

The reporter can take some time to complete. Launch it with the nohup command and save the output to a file to serve as a log.

nohup yarn com.axibase.reporter.mapreduce.DataTableReporter &> /tmp/reporter/reporter.log &

View the log file to monitor the job progress.

tail -F /tmp/reporter/reporter.log

When the job is completed, the log displays a summary:

17/08/09 12:15:55 INFO mapreduce.Job: Job job_1502265066318_0006 completed successfully
17/08/09 12:15:55 INFO mapreduce.Job: Counters: 55
    Map-Reduce Framework
        Map input records=4534313
    File Input Format Counters
        Bytes Read=0
    File Output Format Counters
        Bytes Written=183403
17/08/09 12:15:55 INFO mapreduce.DataTableReporter: Map-reduce job success!
17/08/09 12:15:55 INFO mapreduce.DataTableReporter: Start processing results of the map-reduce jab.
17/08/09 12:15:55 INFO reporter.ResultHandler: ---------------------------------
maximum in region: 427ae8f2fc8926a7fefe3c984f6027cf
size in MB: 25
metric ID: 121
metric name: high-cardinality-for-scan-metric
entity ID: 4
entity name: high-cardinality-for-scan-entity
timestamp in seconds: 1479427200
date: 2016-11-18
rows read: 5784
max row size in KB: 84
series count (tags combinations): 5761
samples count: 11520
annotations count: 0
versioned values count: 0
versions count: 0
start key: \x00\x00y\x00\x00\x04X.D\x80...
stop key: \x00\x00y\x00\x00\x04X/\x96\x00...
17/08/09 12:15:57 INFO client.ConnectionManager$HConnectionImplementation: Closing zookeeper sessionid=0x15dc5f8cb520260
17/08/09 12:15:57 INFO zookeeper.ClientCnxn: EventThread shut down
17/08/09 12:15:57 INFO zookeeper.ZooKeeper: Session: 0x15dc5f8cb520260 closed
17/08/09 12:15:57 INFO mapreduce.DataTableReporter: Results are written to files:
17/08/09 12:15:57 INFO mapreduce.DataTableReporter: hdfs://
17/08/09 12:15:57 INFO mapreduce.DataTableReporter: hdfs://

Collect Results

The last two lines of the log identify two files: summary.log, and maximum-per-region.log where the DataTableReporter class has stored its reports.

Copy these files from HDFS to the local file system.

hdfs dfs -copyToLocal hdfs:// /tmp/reporter/
hdfs dfs -copyToLocal hdfs:// /tmp/reporter/

Email the reporter.log, summary.log, and maximum-per-region.log files to for review and calculation of resources required for the subsequent migration.

Report Result Files

The report contains the following summary counters:

  • ANNOTATIONS_COUNT: The number of annotations (text columns) stored in the atsd_d table.
  • ROWS_AFTER_MIGRATION: The estimated number of daily rows in the atsd_d table to be created after migration.
  • ROWS_READ: The number of hourly rows currently present in the atsd_d table. Equal to Map input records counter.
  • SAMPLES_COUNT: The total number of timestamp=value samples for all series in the atsd_d table.
  • VERSIONED_VALUES_COUNT: The total number of samples which have several versions of values for the same timestamp.
  • VERSIONS_COUNT: The total number of all versions for all series samples.

The report includes memory required by the mapper. This maximum is reported for each region in the atsd_d table, for example:

  • Region hashed name is 427ae8f2fc8926a7fefe3c984f6027cf.
  • Mapper needs 25 MB of heap memory to store objects while processing data from the region.
  • The metric identifier is 121.
  • The metric name is high-cardinality-for-scan-metric.
  • The entity identifier is 4.
  • The entity name is high-cardinality-for-scan-entity.
  • Timestamp in seconds for the date is 1479427200.
  • The day is 2016-11-18.
  • Number of rows in current atsd_d table with given combination of the metric, entity, and date equals to 5784.
  • Maximum estimated size of a row among these 5784 rows is 84 KB.
  • There are 5761 different series for the given combination of metric, entity, and day. These series differ by tags, there are 5761 different combinations of tags.
  • Total number of time series samples for the given metric, entity , and day are 11520.
  • There are no annotations and non-versioned samples.
  • The atsd_d table stores data for the displayed metric, the entity, and the day in rows from the specified start key (inclusive) to stop key (exclusive).