Compaction Test


Perform this compaction test to calculate ATSD storage efficiency and estimate disk space requirements for a custom dataset.


  • Open the Settings > Diagnostics > Compaction page.
  • Initiate the compaction task. Refresh the page until the task is completed.
  • Open the Settings > Storage > Database Tables page. Take note of the d table size in the Store File Size (MB) column of the Summary table.
  • Insert the dataset with a reasonable amount of data, for example 1+ million samples or 50+ megabytes in CSV format.
  • Execute the compaction again on the Compaction page.
  • Reload the Database Tables page and calculate the difference in the Store File Size (MB) value.
  • Multiply the difference by 1048576 and divide it by the total number of samples in the dataset to calculate bytes/sample ratio.

The ratio represents an estimated amount of disk space required to store one time:value sample for the current file system compression codec.