Monitoring Metrics using the HBase Write Test

The HBase Write Test can be launched on the Settings > Diagnostics > I/O Tests page.

HBase Write Test allows you to:

  • Analyze the data being loaded, for example the number of unique metric/entity/tag combinations, and run a write throughput test.
  • Launch an Auto Test to view a matrix of throughput statistics for different batch sizes and thread count combinations.
  • Apply test results to modify the default configuration parameters in the ATSD file:
series.batch.size = 1024
series.queue.pool.size = 4

Auto Test Example Results:

Field Description
Entity prefix Entity name prefix.
Metric prefix Metric name prefix.
Entities count Number of unique entities to store.
Metrics count Number of unique metrics to store.
Series count Total number of series to store.
Tags count Number of tags in each series. Set it to an estimated number of tags that are normally present in the series.
Batch size Size of each test batch.
Thread count Number of threads used for each test.
Start time Start timestamp for the generated series.
Period, minutes Period added to the Start Time timestamp with each iteration.
Log interval, seconds Interval between log outputs.
Auto test delay, seconds Delay between finishing one test and starting the next test in Auto Test mode.