TIBCO Spotfire


Install JDBC Driver

Download the ATSD JDBC driver with dependencies atsd-jdbc-1.x.x-DEPS.jar to the Spotfire server.

Copy the JAR file to the tomcat/lib folder in the Spotfire base directory.


On Windows, the Spotfire 7.14.0 server base directory is located in the C:\tibco\tss\7.14.0 directory. Copy the JAR file to C:\tibco\tss\7.14.0\tomcat\lib.

Restart the Spotfire server service to import the driver.

Add Data Source Template

Launch the Spotfire configuration tool.


Unlock the tool with the spotfireadmin user password.

Open Configuration tab and click Data Source Templates.

Create a new template for ATSD.

  <type-name>Axibase TSD</type-name>
  <ping-command>SELECT 1</ping-command>
  <table-types>TABLE, VIEW</table-types>

Enable the template and click Save configuration.

Refer to JDBC Data Access Connectivity Details for more details.

Configure Connection

Open Tools > Information Designer in the Spotfire Analyst tool.

Click New in the top left corner and specify ATSD hostname and port:

  • jdbc:atsd://;secure=false if port is insecure (HTTP).

  • jdbc:atsd://;secure=true if port is secure (HTTPS)

Append an optional tables property to the URL to filter the list of tables displayed in the Information Designer.


Refer to ATSD JDBC URL format for more details.