Axibase Enterprise Reporter


ATSD adapter in Axibase Enterprise Reporter and Axibase Fabrica creates a hierarchical representation of metrics collected in ATSD and makes them available for querying in reports.

In order for the Axibase Server to group ATSD metrics into virtual tables, metrics need to be tagged with the table tag.

Enable the table Tag in the Metrics List

  • Log in to ATSD.
  • Open the Settings > Server Properties page.
  • Add the table tag to the metric.display.tags property.

Server Properties

  • Click Apply Changes and open the Metrics tab to verify that the table tag is visible in the Metrics list.

Metrics List: table tag

Apply the table Tag to Metrics

  • Enter partial metric name in the Search Bar to filter Metric list by name. * and ? wildcards are supported.
  • Set Page Size (Display on Page) to 1000.

Metric List: filter

  • Click the appropriate checkbox to define filtered metrics.
  • Ensure that grouped metrics have the same tags. For example, group df.disk_used, df.disk_used_percent, and other df.* metrics into one table since their shared tags are file_system and mount_point.
  • Enter a name that describes this group of selected metrics and click [Apply].

Metric List: apply tag

  • Verify that selected metrics have the table tag set.

Metric List: applied tag

  • Repeat the process to group metrics into tables.

Metric List: tag all

Discover Metric Tables in the Axibase Server

  • Log in to the Axibase Server.
  • Open the Admin > Warehouse Tools page.
  • Select Reload Schema Cache.
  • Click View Schema Cache and verify that new metric groups are present as tables.

Configure ATSD Proxy

Configure the Axibase Server to serve as an ATSD proxy to ensure that widgets stored in the Axibase Server can optionally query data in ATSD transparently. In this configuration, the Axibase Server redirects an API request received from the client, and executes the request.

  • Open the Admin > Settings page in the Axibase Server and expand the SERVER section.
  • Enter a full URL to ATSD into the REDIRECT URL field, including username and password as follows: schema://username:password@atsd_hostname:atsd_port



  • Save these Settings.
  • Add the url = /proxy setting in widget configuration files to query ATSD directly:
  title = Performance/Daily
  width-units = 4
  height-units = 3
  url = /proxy

    type = chart
        Query entities and metrics defined in ATSD, even if not exposed in Axibase Server
    metric = mpstat.cpu_busy
    entity = nurswghbs001