Job Completion Messages

Error Type Description
FILE_NOT_FOUND No target file present in the specified directory.
FILE_EMPTY Target file found but completely empty (no annotation, header, or data).
NO_DATA Target file found but does not contain any data (contained an annotation and header, but no timestamps and values).
UPLOAD_ERROR ATSD not available during the scheduled job execution.
PARSE_ERROR File not parsed by ATSD. For example: the timestamp is in a different format.
NETWORK_ERROR Network connection not established by Collector.
LINE_COUNT_ERROR Target file contained less lines than specified in the Minimum Line Count setting.
FIRST_LINE_ERROR First line of the target file does not match the First Line setting.
READ_ERROR File not read from source path. For example: source path is a directory instead of file.
PROCESS_ERROR Files not written to success directory. For example: success dir does not exist.