ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) is one of the main protocols of the TCP/IP suite. ICMP is used by network devices to send error messages or to relay query messages.

ICMP Job Configuration

Field Description
Configuration Name Name of the configuration.
Collection Name of the collection you want to use.
Metric Name Name of the metric you want to use.
ping Type Type of ping request.
Request Timeout, seconds Time Axibase Collector waits for the response before the request expires.
Failure Retests Number of attempts to re-establish the connection.
Failure Retest Delay, seconds Delay between attempts to re-establish the connection.
ICMP Request TTL, seconds Request time to live value in seconds.
Packets Size, bytes Size of packets to transfer.
IP Version Version on IP protocol.

Configuration Example

The image below shows ICMP configuration example.

ICMP Configuration