Kafka Job


The Kafka job provides a way to read messages from an Apache Kafka broker or brokers to convert them into series, property, and message commands.

Job Settings

In comparison to Generic job, Kafka job has an additional Consumer field.
Consumer list allows you to select a consumer to use.

Kafka job settings

Job Configuration

To configure a Kafka job, click Create Configuration. Use the table below to set configuration parameters.

Field Description
Group Id A unique string that identifies the consumer group this consumer belongs to.
Topic Name A topic is a category or feed name to which messages are published.
Offset Reset Strategy Initial offset:
* EARLIEST: automatically reset the offset to the earliest offset
* LATEST: automatically reset the offset to the latest offset
* LAST_N: reset the offset to the latest offset and subtract Last Cont value from offset value.

Offset strategies (EARLIEST, LATEST) use at first job running, then job uses the last committed offset.
The LAST_N offset strategy does not use last committed offset, but last N records each time job executes.
Last Count The number of last messages.
Message Format Network API Command or JSON. Network API Command stored in ATSD unmodified. The JSON message parsed into one or more commands.
Use Listener Enable continuous listener of messages instead of scheduled polling.
Ignore Invalid Commands If enabled, job skips messages for which no valid command can be created.
If the message is invalid and this case is not enabled, the job fails with an error.,
Commit Send commands into ATSD synchronously and wait until the commands have been committed to the underlying storage.
Batch Size Number of commands to send into ATSD in one request.

JSON Settings

If JSON message format is selected, you need to configure JSON fields mapping to command fields:

Entity Fields

Name Description
Entity Entity name, specified literally or extracted from the specific field in the matched object.
Entity Prefix Text added to the entity name, retrieved from the specified field. For example, if Entity Prefix is set to custom., and the field value is my-host, the resulting entity name is custom.my-host.
Entity Expression FreeMarker expression to convert entities.
For example:
${LOOKUP('city codes', city)}

Time Fields

Name Description
Time Default Specify time value for all commands.
Time Field Field with values that specify time for all commands.
Time Format Date format applied when parsing time value.
Time Zone Timezone can be optionally applied if the extracted date is in local time, otherwise the local Collector time zone is in effect.

Series Fields

Name Description
Metric Prefix Text added to the metric name. For example, if Metric Prefix is set to custom., and the metric name is cpu_busy, the resulting metric name is custom.cpu_busy.
Included Fields By default, all numeric fields from nested objects are included in commands. The list of included fields can be overridden explicitly by specifying their names, separated by comma.
Excluded Fields List of particular field names to be excluded from commands. Applies when Included Fields is empty.
Annotation Fields List of fields whose values are saved as text annotation along with the numeric value.
Metric Name & Value Metric name and value extracted from the given fields in the matched object.
Field Expressions FreeMarker expressions to convert metric fields.
For example:
${LOOKUP('city codes', city)}

Property Fields

Name Description
Property Default Type Property type used as a default type for all properties.
Property Type Field Field with value used as property type.
Property Key Fields Fields that must be included into the Property command value collection.
Property Value Fields Fields that must be loaded to a collection as properties.

Message Fields

Name Description
Message Default Type Message type used as a default type for all messages.
Message Type Field Field with value used as message type.
Message Default Type Message source used as a default source for all messages.
Message Type Field Field with value used as message source.
Message Tag Fields Message tags, included as tags into the message command.
Message Default Message value used as a default text for all messages.
Message Field Field with value used as message text.


Configuration Example

Kafka Configuration Example

Kafka JSON mapping settings

  • Sample Message:
  • Sample Command:
series e:/axibase/nur/axi/upstream/84br02 d:2015-12-25T13:28:14.000Z m:AXI.R06PIS01:SIC-84-601.PV=149.478