The Job is the primary unit of configuration and scheduling in Axibase Collector.

Each job has the following generic properties:

Name Description
Type Job type, such as JDBC, JMX, FILE, etc.
Name Job name.
Enabled Job schedule status. The job must be enabled to execute on schedule.
cron Expression cron Expression determines how frequently the job is executed by Collector.
Storage Target ATSD server for sending collected data.

Type-specific properties, such as a SQL query in a JDBC job or a CSV parser in a FILE job, are specified in nested configuration objects.

+ job-1
  - configuration-1
+ job-2
  - configuration-2
  - configuration-3

The job can include multiple configurations. For example, a JDBC job can be configured to execute multiple SQL queries.

Cloning Jobs

Create a copy of any job by clicking Clone.

The cloned job has the same name as the original job with the -cloned postfix appended.

By default, cloned jobs are disabled.

Enable an inactive job by selecting the Enable checkbox.

A cloned job has a unique primary key and can run concurrently with the original job.