OVPM protocol is used to retrieve data from the HP OpenView Performance Manager.

Job Settings

In comparison to the Generic job settings, OVPM job has an additional job-specific parameter.

Max. serial errors threshold - defines the maximum amount of consecutive errors after which no more queries are sent by the database.

OVPM Configuration

To configure an OVPM job, click Create OVPM configuration. Use the table below to set configuration parameters.

Field Description
Name Configuration name.
HTTP Pool Data source.
Path Relative path to OVPM CSV endpoint.
OVPM encoding Character set that is used to parse the resulting data.
Interval Data interval downloaded.
Query With Time When executing the job, the server is set to the maximum time of the previous data.
Time Zone Timezone in which the data is collected.
Max Rows Per Request Maximum amount of rows retrieved.
Data Refresh Interval, seconds OVPM sampling interval.
Error Threshold Amount of error requests after which no more queries are sent.
Error Delay Interval, seconds Interval during which the current entity is excluded from queries, in the case that there are previous errors.
Entity Group List of hosts, entity groups created in Axibase Collector.
Batch Entities Defines the number of entities grouped in one query.
Tag Columns Columns containing tags.
Metrics List of metrics that collected.
Put Type Type of data: metric, property, or both.
Default Property Type Default property type.
Property Type Column Column containing the property types.
Property Keys Columns Columns containing the property keys.
Property Values Columns Columns containing the property values.