Azure Service Bus Webhook


AZURE SB webhook sends messages to an Azure Service Bus queue or topic upon window status events.

Webhook Settings

Setting Description
Key Name The authorization rule key name.
Primary Key The primary key for the authorization rule.
Headers Custom request headers
Service Bus Namespace The name of the Service Bus namespace.
Queue/Topic The default queue or topic you want to publish messages to.
Path Parameters The encoded path parameters.
Message The default text of the message to be sent.


Each window status event can produce only one message.

The message is submitted to the specified Azure SB endpoint using the POST method with application/atom+xml;type=entry;charset=utf-8 content type. The request uses SAS authentication.

The default message includes all fields, including entity and metric metadata.


The response status code and response content is recorded in atsd.log if the Log Response setting is enabled.


Placeholders are supported in the request parameter values.

Placeholders are substituted with actual field values when the request is initiated.

If the placeholder does not exist, the placeholder is substituted with an empty string.