Axibase Time Series Database is available as a free download for installation on a supported Linux distribution.

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Feature Descriptions:


Declarative graphic library consisting of 15+ widgets optimized for time series data.

Rule Engine

Real-time data stream processing for monitoring and alerting.

Access Control

Integrated role-based access control and user authentication with Local or LDAP providers.

Adhoc Export

Exports forecasts and historical data in CSV and HTML formats with options of exporting higher level aggregations like Percentile 99.

CSV Parser

Imports time series data and statistics from CSV files including non-compliant formats that require pre-processing and cleansing.


Forecasts time-series data and statistics using advanced algorithms including ARIMA and Holt-Winters.


Support for SQL with time-series extensions for standards-based connectivity with BI and reporting tools. Type 4 JDBC driver.

Scheduled Export

Exports forecasts and historical data in Excel or CSV on a regular schedule.


Track series value changes with status, source, and change time for traceable data re-conciliation and audit trails.


Reduce data stored on disk with a variety of encoding schemas and lossless compression algorithms, optimized for speed or ratio.

Axibase Collector

ETL application for scheduled querying and offloading of data from relational databases, Kafka brokers, operational historians (PI System), applications, and web services such as AWS CloudWatch or Docker Engine API.


The database and its dependencies can be installed on a single node. Enterprise Edition can be installed on multiple nodes in a scale-out configuration.