Command Replication

To copy the received data commands to another ATSD instance, configure the destination on the Settings > Replication page.


Supported transport protocols:

  • UDP
  • TCP

When Send Internal Commands is disabled, monitoring data generated by the atsd entity are not sent to the target ATSD server.


Permission checks are disabled for UPD and TCP protocols.

To send commands via HTTPS, specify credentials for a user account with the following roles and permissions:

  • All Entities: Write permission.

The permissions are checked when testing.

Error Handling

The replicated commands are not resent in case of network or other errors.


Replication status can be monitored with the built-in metrics generated by entity atsd:

  • replication_successful_commands
  • replication_discarded_commands
  • replication_rejected_commands


Replication metrics are incrementing integer counters which are reset on database restart.

Portal Configuration:

  title = ATSD Replication Status
  offset-right = 50
  height-units = 4
  width-units = 1
  timespan = 24 hour
  entity = atsd
  period = 5 minute
  statistics = counter
  mode = column
  server-aggregate = true
  display-panels = true
  expand-panels = true

  widgets-per-row = 1

  type = chart
  title = Replication commands. Successful - counter/period

    metric = replication_successful_commands

  type = chart
  title = Replication commands. Discarded - counter/period
    metric = replication_discarded_commands
    color = red

  type = chart
  title = Replication commands. Rejected - counter/period
    metric = replication_rejected_commands
    color = orange

  type = chart
  title = Commands In - Per Second - Period Average
  statistics = avg
  mode = line
  label-format = javascript:keepBefore(metric, '_')

    metric = metric_received_per_second

    metric = property_received_per_second

    metric = message_received_per_second