Change ATSD Base Directory

By default ATSD is installed in the /opt/atsd directory.

Complete this process to move ATSD to a different file system.

Stop ATSD services.

/opt/atsd/bin/ stop

Verify that no ATSD services are running.


jps output must contain only the jps process itself.

12150 Jps

If other processes are still running, follow the safe ATSD shutdown procedure.

Move ATSD to another directory, such as /path/to/new-base-dir.

sudo mv /opt/atsd /path/to/new-base-dir

Create a symbolic link to the new ATSD directory.

ln -s path/to/new-base-dir/opt/atsd

Start ATSD services.

/opt/atsd/bin/ start

Open the Settings > System Information page and verify that the new base directory has been applied.