Networking Settings

Change networking settings if you are anticipating a high data insertion rate via UDP protocol with bursts of 100,000 packets per second or more.

Increase Receiving Buffer

Increase the maximum receiving buffer on the operating system

sudo sysctl -w net.core.rmem_max=8388608

This setting allows the operating system and the database to buffer up to 8 megabytes of received packets, in the case that the inserting rate is temporarily higher than the ATSD throughput rate.

The increased buffer also reduces the number of UDP datagrams dropped due to buffer overflow.

Increase UDP buffer in ATSD

To increase the UDP buffer in ATSD, add the following property to file.

# default value is 8192
udp.receive.buffer.size.kb = 20000

Restart ATSD

/opt/atsd/bin/ stop
/opt/atsd/bin/ start