Rule Functions


The below functions check the status and attributes of windows created by other rules which typically contain data for different metrics, properties, and messages. Use these functions for correlation purposes.

Windows are matched using grouping tags, irrespective of tags present in the last command. For example, if the window is grouped by entity and tags t1 and t2 and the expression checks for tags.t3 NOT LIKE "", such an expression returns false even if t3 is present in the last command because t3 is not included in the grouping tags.

The current window is excluded from matching.



rule_open(string rule [, string entity [, string expression]]) bool

Checks if there is at least one window with the OPEN or REPEAT status for the specified rule, entity and expression to match other windows.

Returns true if a matching window is found, false otherwise.


rule_window(string rule [, string entity [, string expression]]) Window

Returns the first matching Window object for the specified rule, entity and expression to match other windows.

Returns null if no matching windows are found.

Window fields except repeat_interval can be accessed via the dot notation, for example rule_window('jvm_derived').entity. In addition, the matched window provides the lastText field which contains the last message text received by the window.


  • entity and tags are the same as in the last window command.
  • If minimum interval is not set then min_interval_expired = true.
  • threshold: the threshold value matched by the last command.

Applies the following match conditions

  • Entity:

    • If the entity is not specified, the current entity in the window is used for matching.
    • If the entity is specified as null or empty string '', all entities are matched.
  • Expression:

    • The expression can include the following fields and supports wildcards in field values:

      Name Description
      message The text value, which is equal to message field in case of message command.
      tags and tags.{name}/tags['name'] Command tags.
      status Window status.
    • The expression can include window fields as placeholders.

rule_open Examples

/* Evaluates to `true` if the average value of samples in the current window exceeds 10
and if the 'disk_used_check' rule is open for the same entity. */
avg() > 10 && rule_open('disk_used_check')

/* Match using Message Fields. */
rule_open('disk_used_check', 'nurswgvml007',
          'tags.source="' + source +'" AND tags.type="' + type +'" AND message="' + message +'"')

Assume the following windows have status REPEAT and the function is called from the rule test_rule_open:

| Entity         | nurswgvml007                 |
| Entity Label   | NURswgvml007                 |
| Metric         | message                      |
| Tags           | container-name = axibase     |
|                | container-status = UP        |
|                | host =            |
|                | port = 22                    |
| Rule           | jvm_derived                  |
| Rule Expression| true                         |
| Text Value     | Starting sql query execution.|
| Entity         | atsd                         |
| Entity Label   | ATSD                         |
| Metric         | message                      |
| Tags           | container-name = axibase2    |
|                | external-port = 43022        |
| Rule           | test_rule_open               |
| Rule Expression| true                         |
| Text Value     | Send 300 commands to ATSD.   |
  • No optional parameters
/* Returns 'false' because the entity in window of the referenced rule is different */
  • Entity is specified
/* Returns 'true' */
rule_open('jvm_derived', 'nurswgvml007')

/* Returns 'true' */
rule_open('jvm_derived', '')

/* Returns 'true' */
rule_open('jvm_derived', null)
  • Match with tags
/* Returns 'true' */
rule_open('jvm_derived', 'nurswgvml007', "tags.container-status != ''")

/* Returns 'true' */
rule_open('jvm_derived', 'nurswgvml007', "tags.container-name LIKE 'axi*'")
  • Match with message
/* Returns 'true' */
rule_open('jvm_derived', 'nurswgvml007', "message != ''")

/* Returns 'false' */
rule_open('jvm_derived', 'nurswgvml007', "message NOT LIKE 'Starting*'")
  • Match with message and tags
/* Returns 'true' */
rule_open('jvm_derived', 'nurswgvml007', "message != '' AND''")

/* Returns 'true' */
rule_open('jvm_derived', 'nurswgvml007', "tags.port != '23' && message LIKE 'Starting*'")

rule_window Examples

/* Evaluates to `true` if the average value of samples in the current window exceeds 10
and if the first window for 'disk_used_check' rule in the same entity has any other status except 'OPEN'. */
avg() > 10 && rule_window('disk_used_check') != null && rule_window('disk_used_check').status != 'OPEN'

/* Match using Message Fields. */
rule_window('disk_used_check', 'nurswgvml007',
            'tags.source="' + source +'" AND tags.type="' + type +'" AND message="' + message +'"')

/* Match using wildcard. */
rule_window('jvm_derived', 'nurswgvml007', "tags.container-name LIKE 'axi*'").repeat_count

/* Used the same entity as in the current window. */
rule_window('slack-bot-cmd-confirm', entity,
            'tags.event.user!="' + tags.event.user + '" AND message="' + message + '" AND status!="CANCEL"')


rule_windows(string rule, [string] entities, string expression) [Window]

Returns the collection of Window objects for the specified rule, list of entities, and expression.

rule_windows('backup_start', [entity], "status != 'CANCEL'")
  • To find windows for the same entity, pass it as a single element of the collection.
rule_windows('backup_start', [entity], null)
  • To omit the entity or expression condition, pass null as an argument.
rule_windows('backup_start', null, "status != 'CANCEL'")
  • The expression can refer to all fields of the checked windows via dot notation. The tags and threshold fields are set based on the last processed command.
  • To find only active windows, use "status != 'CANCEL'" as the expression.
  • To access the n-th window in the collection, use square brackets [index] or get(index) method, starting with 0 for the first element), for example rule_windows('jvm_derived', [entity], 'status="CANCEL"')[0].entity.


/* Returns open windows of 'jvm_derived' rule
with the same value for '' as at the current window. */
rule_windows('jvm_derived', [entity], "'" + + "'")

/* Match with tags, message and status.*/
rule_windows('slack-bot-cmd-confirm', null,
             'tags.event.user!="' + tags.event.user + '" AND message="' + message + '" AND status!="CANCEL"')

/* Access to window fields. */
rule_windows('jvm_derived', [entity], "tags.port='22'").lastText

/* Match using Message Fields. */
rule_windows('jvm_derived', [entity], 'tags.source="' + source +'" AND tags.type="' + type +'" AND message="' + message +'"')