Updating Axibase Collector on Docker

Download the Latest Axibase Collector Release

The latest release is available at the following link:

wget -O axibase-collector.tar.gz https://axibase.com/public/axibase-collector-v{revision}.tar.gz

If wget is not installed, use curl:

curl -o axibase-collector.tar.gz https://axibase.com/public/axibase-collector-v{revision}.tar.gz

Copy Archive to Docker Host

Copy the axibase-collector.tar.gz file to the Docker host on which Axibase Collector container is running.

Alternatively, if the Docker host is connected to external networks, you can download the axibase-collector.tar.gz directly to the Docker host.

Unpack Archive

tar xvf axibase-collector.tar.gz

Stop Collector Process

Assuming axibase-collector is the name of the Collector container to be updated, execute this command:

docker exec axibase-collector /opt/axibase-collector/bin/stop-collector.sh

Ensure the container is running when you run the command.

Replace axibase-collector.war File

Copy axibase-collector.war into the container to replace the old version:

docker cp ./axibase-collector/lib/axibase-collector.war axibase-collector:/opt/axibase-collector/lib/

Start Collector Process

docker exec axibase-collector /opt/axibase-collector/bin/start-collector.sh