Axibase Collector Installation

Quick Start

For a quick installation of pre-integrated Axibase Collector and ATSD instances in a single Docker container, refer to the ATSD Sandbox guide.

Install Java 8 JDK

OpenJDK on Ubuntu or Debian

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk


sudo yum install java-1.8.0-openjdk-devel

Oracle JDK

Download Java 8 JDK from the Oracle web site.

sudo rpm -i jdk-8u131-linux-x64.rpm

Verify Java Installation

Verify that the java command displays version 1.8.x.

java -version


Download Axibase Collector archive.

Replace ${VERSION} placeholder in the command below with the specific version number, for example 19111. Extract the archive.

tar xvf axibase-collector-v${VERSION}.tar.gz

Check Ports

Check that port 9443 is available. If the port is available, output of this command is blank.

sudo netstat -tulnp | grep "9443"

If port 9443 is taken by another processes, open the script and set a custom port:

nano ./axibase-collector/bin/

Start Collector


Collector initialization takes up to five minutes.

Check Installation

Check the Collector log file for the message FrameworkServlet 'dispatcher': initialization completed.

tail -f ./axibase-collector/logs/axibase-collector.log


Open https://hostname:9443 in your browser and configure an administrator account.

Setup ATSD Connection

Configure Axibase Collector to send data into an Axibase Time Series Database instance.

Stopping Axibase Collector

Stop Axibase Collector: