HP OpenView


HP OpenView Performance Manager is an agent-based centralized data collection solution.

OVPM stores collected statistics in files on the local file system for several months.

Axibase Collector queries the OVPM server for particular GLOBAL classes every 15 minutes to offload incremental data into ATSD for long-term retention and operations analytics.


  • HP OpenView Performance Manager 9.+

Installation steps

Import HP OpenView JDBC job

Configure HP Open View HTTP Pool

  • Open the Data Sources menu and select HTTP Pools, select the ovpm- database.
  • Provide connection parameters to the target ovpm- pool as displayed below:

Verify Job Configuration

  • Open the ovpm-global job.
  • Set the HTTP Pool to ovpm-

  • Choose an ATSD server if you have connected your Collector to multiple ATSD servers.
  • Save the Job.
  • Open each configuration.
  • Open the ovpm Item List and define servers whose statistics you want to collect.
  • Click Test and review the output.

Schedule the Job

  • Open the OVPM Job page and click Run for the ovpm-global job.
  • Ensure that the job status is COMPLETED and the Items Read and Sent commands fields show a value greater than 0.

  • If there are no errors, set job status to Enabled and click Save.

Verify Metrics in ATSD

  • Log in to ATSD.
  • Open Metrics tab and filter metrics by the prefix gbl_.*

Viewing Data in ATSD


Entity Group List

  • OVPM Linux
  • OVPM Unix
  • OVPM Windows

Portal List

OVPM Portal