PI Server


This document describes how to export archive data from a PI Server into the ATSD as series commands using Collector PI job.


  • PI SQL Data Access Server 1.5+
  • PI JDBC Driver 1.5+

Install PI JDBC driver and add the driver as a data source in Collector. Follow the steps in Axibase Pi Documentation to perform this task.

PI Job Configuration

Select PI in the Jobs drop-down list. Click Add Job. Fill in all the necessary fields.

PI Task Configuration

Click Create Configuration. Provide tag-to-entity mapping. You can use FreeMarker expressions in the Entity field for string manipulations. If you want to query only a subset of available tags or get picomp2 values satisfying the condition, fill in the WHERE Filter fields.

When you finish, click Test to see the queries executed by the job, returned result set, and generated ATSD network commands. During the test mode the number of queried picomp2 rows is limited by 1000.

If the option Use JOIN Clause while Fetching Tag Names is enabled, only one query is executed:

When configuration is done, save the job and click Run. View execution details by clicking on the View link in the Execution Details column.

You can see executed queries info by following the Details link.

Tag Statistics leads to a page with information on every processed PI tag, such as first and last collected measure time, last value, number of collected measures.

Verify Metrics in ATSD

  • Log in to ATSD.
  • Open the Entities tab and filter entities by name, for example temp.

  • Follow the link in the Metrics column