PI Server


This document describes how to copy PI Tag attributes from a PI Server into the corresponding metric fields in Axibase Time Series Database.

The process requires enabling a JDBC job in Axibase Collector.


PI Tag Attribute ATSD Metric Attribute Type
tag name (lowercased, normalized) field
tag label field
descriptor description field
zero min field
zero + span max field
engunits units field
step interpolation (0=>linear, 1=>previous) field
pointtypex data type (converted to ATSD type) field
creationdate creation_date tag
digitalset digital_set tag
pointsource point_source tag
pointtype point_type tag
pointtypex point_data_type tag
typicalvalue typical_value tag

In addition to copying PI Point attributes, the job can be configured to populate the metric Timezone field based on the selected timezone identifier.

ATSD Metric Info


  • PI SQL Data Access Server 1.5+
  • PI JDBC Driver 1.5+

Installation Steps

Provide Axibase Collector with PI JDBC Driver

  • Install the PI JDBC Driver:
tar -xzvf pijdbc_2016-x86-x64_.tar.gz
cd pijdbc_2016-x86-x64_/pipc/jdbc
sudo ./install.sh
sudo chown -R $USER /opt/pipc
  • Copy the PI JDBC Driver to the Axibase Collector ext folder:
cp /opt/pipc/jdbc/PIJDBCDriver.jar $AXIBASE_COLLECTOR_HOME/ext/
  • Restart Axibase Collector:

Import PI Server job into Axibase Collector

  • On the Jobs page, select Import from the split-button below the table and upload the file pi_jdbc_metric.xml.

Configure PI Server Database Connection

  • Open the Data Sources > Databases page and select the PI_JDBC database.
  • Provide connection parameters to the target PI Server are below:

  • Execute test query to check the connection:
  • Query result are Query OK.

Verify Job Configuration

  • Open the PI_JDBC_META_METRIC job.
  • Set Data Source to PI_JDBC.

  • Choose one of the target ATSD instances if your Collector instance is connected to multiple ATSD servers.
  • Save the Job.
  • Open each configuration, click Test, and review the output.

Schedule the Job

  • Open the JDBC Job page and click Run for the PI Server jobs.
  • Ensure that the job status is COMPLETED, and Items Read and Sent Commands are greater than 0.

  • If there are no errors, set the job status to Enabled and save the job.

Verify Metrics in ATSD

  • Log in to ATSD.
  • Open the Metrics tab and filter metrics by name, for example find by prefix ba:. There is a list of exported PI tags: