Research Articles

ATSD functionality and features applied to real-world public data to solve common data problems and demonstrate use cases with meaningful information. Research articles explore a variety of topics from finance and economics, to society and population.

Use Cases

Detailed use cases that feature in-depth data exploration and complex functionality used to solve modern data problems.

  1. Income Tax as a Vehicle for Centralization (November 2018)
  2. The Saudi Arabia Challenge (October 2018)
  3. Calculating the Age of the Universe (October 2018)
  4. The Birth of the Bolívar Soberano (August 2018)
  5. Second Quarter Expatriation Remains High Despite GDP Growth (August 2018)
  6. The Effect of Particulate Matter on Water Temperature (July 2018)
  7. SQL Queries and Data Visualization with Python and ATSD (May 2018)
  8. The World Progress Explorer: In-Depth Visualization with SQL and User-Defined Functions (April 2018)
  9. Tax Day 2018: Americans Reverse the Late-Filing Trend (April 2018)
  10. U.S. Approaching 3-Year Mark for Full Employment (April 2018)
  11. Aging America: Modeling Birth Trends in the United States (April 2018)
  12. United States Federal Reserve: The Economic Policy Uncertainty Index (March 2018)
  13. Slow Growth is Becoming a Human Trend Too (March 2018)
  14. Tracking Expatriation with ChartLab, SQL, and Web Crawler in ATSD (March 2018)
  15. CPI vs. PPI: Producers are Spending Less While Consumers are Paying More (October 2017)
  16. Bitcoin After the GHash.IO Era (October 2017)
  17. The New Face of Nuclear Proliferation (October 2017)
  18. The Slow Death of the American Auto Industry (September 2017)
  19. The Rising Federal Funds Rate in the Current Low Long-Term Interest Rate Environment (September 2017)
  20. The New Bubble: Fed Rates Stay Low While Debt Value Remains High (September 2017)
  21. Calls May Be Recorded or Monitored for Training Purposes: Using Call Abandonment Rates to Establish Thresholds (August 2017)
  22. Does the Bag Tax Work? (August 2017)
  23. United States Treasuries as International Assets: The Chinese Role in the Federal Fund Rate (August 2017)
  24. The Port of Los Angeles: Sustainable Progress for the Future of the City (August 2017)
  25. Debt Profile of the Average American (August 2017)
  26. The Consumer Price Index Versus Your Savings Account (Bank of Israel) (July 2017)
  27. Riding the L Train in 2025 (July 2017)
  28. How to Predict a Fire in Hartford (July 2017)
  29. Visa Travel to the United States with Charts, SQL, and Redash (March 2017)
  30. Real-time Analysis of the Oroville Dam Disaster (February 2017)
  31. Analyzing Econometric Datasets with Calculated Series (July 2017)
  32. Modeling Falling Birthrates in the Prairie State (July 2017)
  33. U.S. Expatriation Statistics (Quarter 2 Update) (June 2017)
  34. Quantifying Public Health: The American Fitness Index (June 2017)
  35. Violence Begets Violence: An Analysis of the Baltimore Police Force and Baltimore Homicide Data (June 2017)
  36. Climate Change: Back to the Drawing Board (June 2017)
  37. U.S. Expatriation Statistics (April 2017)
  38. Tax Day 2017: Taxpayers of the Nation Procrastinate (April 2017)
  39. Consumer Finance Complaints (March 2017)
  40. Norway Car Registrations (March 2017)
  41. U.S. State Department: Getting Paid $400 Million While Rejecting Visitors (March 2017)
  42. Analyzing American International Trade history (February 2017)
  43. Analyzing Chicago Crime Statistics (January 2017)
  44. Computing U.S. Mortality Statistics (October 2016)
  45. A Closer Look at Hawaiian Fuel Prices (September 2016)
  46. Analyzing UK Aviation Statistics using CAA Datasets (September 2016)
  47. Measuring Cloud Oktas From Outer Space (October 2015)

Data Library

Visualizations and SQL queries that are indexed by topic to form the Axibase Data Library, an invaluable tool for researchers looking for specific data. Data shorts display comprehensive information from a wide-range of data sets.

  1. Major Foreign Holders of Treasury Securities (2000-2018) (October 2018)
  2. Foreign Businesses Operating in Hong Kong (1996-2016) (October 2017)
  3. Maryland Death Statistics (1993-2015) (October 2017)
  4. European Union Net Migration (2004-2015) (September 2017)
  5. Comprehensive Housing Market Analysis: City of Austin (2014) (September 2017)
  6. US Dollar Exchange Rate Analysis (2012-2017) (September 2017)
  7. Projected Baltimore Employment Figures (2001-2040) (September 2017)
  8. European Union Debt by Country (2005-2016) (August 2017)
  9. European Union Per Capita Debt by Country (2005-2016) (August 2017)
  10. Tax Rate by State (2017) (August 2017)
  11. Asset Distribution of the Public Asset Portfolio - Bank of Israel (1998-2017) (July 2017)
  12. Bank of Israel Debt (1997-2016) (July 2017)
  13. Connecticut Prison Population Statistics (2009-2017) (July 2017)
  14. New York Insurance Asset Versus Liability Data (2014-2015) (July 2017)
  15. New York City Income by Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) Range (2014) (June 2017)